Crooked Lane Brewing Company

The Story Behind the Bar

There’s a backstory to how we got wood here at Crooked Lane Brewing Co., and we’re just brazen enough to share it with you. Aside from agreeing the bar should be crooked as we planned the taproom layout, we hadn’t laid many specs when one of our three owners, Kirt Braun, let us know his dad, Gary, had some old wood we could use to build it. The more we learned, the more certain we grew that this would become the taproom centerpiece now welcoming you home.
Gary, you see, was a master wood crafter, as was his father before him. Their collective 95 years in the field gave them special determination to collect old-growth walnut, hauling it in 12 foot long, 2-3 inch thick planks back to their Idaho shop, somehow leveraging them up into the rafters. There, they aged and dried, decade after decade after decade, humble and patient with promise.

Gary and Kirt share in the pride of their work.

Who’d have thought, that promise would be fulfilled by Kirt, the family “deviant” independent enough to stray from woodworking to pursue a career in science? Confident in his son’s brewery endeavors, Gary came out of retirement to work closely with the very same woodshop he’d spent 43 professional years in, Wood Products of Boise, Idaho. They refined the unprocessed, raw and unmilled planks into our exquisite walnut bar, which none other than Kirt sanded and sealed, not twice, but five times, into the family legacy we share with you today.

So, next time you pull up a stool to savor a beer, take a gaze at our old-growth walnut masterpiece. Because before you ever thought to come here, before CLBC even existed, and before, likely, any one of us were ever born, this legacy began in the hopes, hearts and hands of great craftsmen generations before us.

You walk life’s crooked lanes, Friends. We’ll craft your beer.