Crooked Lane Brewing Company

Meet the Team

Adrian Psuty

Chief Financial Officer and Head of Production Operations

Adrian Psuty earned a Pennsylvania State University Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a Minor in Biology. It was during college, over 20 years ago, that he first began brewing beer and distilling spirits.

After college, he initially worked as a Mass Spectrometry Team Leader of an environmental laboratory providing drinking and wastewater analysis. He transitioned to a role as Field Service Engineer for an analytical instrument manufacturer. As part of this role, he installed the analysis instrumentation and trained the lab personnel for approximately 30 ethanol production facilities throughout the Midwest. He then took a role with a startup biotech company based in the California Bay Area as a Field Service Applications Specialist.

As a home brewer, Adrian has won numerous awards for his beers and has continued to expand the styles in his repertoire. He has studied commercial brewing extensively and has training certificates from White Labs for commercial yeast handling, UC Davis and the Seibel Institute for brewing coursework.

Adrian Psuty

Kirt Braun, PhD

President and Head of Distribution & Sales

After earning a PhD in Genetics and Cell Biology in 2000, Kirt Braun began his career as a Technical Applications Scientist with Miltenyi Biotec, based in Auburn. After four years in a technical role, Kirt transitioned to a more strategic position in a top 5 Bay Area biotech company as a Business Area Manager for a $20 million business segment within the company. During this time he was deeply involved in product development, production, marketing and sales of his product portfolio.

Kirt fell in love with the Foothills of Northern California and sought an opportunity to return to the Auburn area. Kirt has always had a passion for craft beer. He started home brewing in the early 1990s and looks forward to applying his business acumen to creating an exceptional customer experience for craft beer and providing the best product possible to the Foothills community.

Paul Schilling

Vice President, Marketing Communications

A third generation Californian connected to the Foothills for over 30 years, Paul believes and lives in the ethic that you get back what you put in. Paul spent nearly 20 years working in hi-tech as a member and manager in corporate communications and creative service departments. Paul has participated and led in the build-out and design of four major corporate brand identity changes, a dozen corporate website redesigns, and accumulated countless hours of experience working with Bay Area ad and design agencies to execute a large array of design projects. Paul’s eye for design and marketing stems from his beginnings as a graphic artist in the early 1980s.

Paul is keenly aware of the importance of community-building and connection with craft beer enthusiasts in our region and beyond.

Teresa Psuty


A tenacious pursuit of excellence…This statement describes my approach to the art and science of brewing beer. My work as an engineer in biotechnology prepared me for the diligence required to be a competent brewer, and now I balance that with creativity to create compelling new flavors to delight our customers. I believe quality and authenticity are the objectives that will bring our brewery success; we have achieved a lot over the last two years striving for these ideals. We want to be the place where you can find a beautiful example of a German Lager or Koln-style Kolsch, but also an amazing New England-style Triple IPA. I try to make sure there is truly something for everyone, even people who don’t like beer!

Many people ask me what it’s like to be a female Brewmaster, and I have to admit it’s not something I think about often. But, if ever there were a time for women in the beer industry, it’s now. Women are connecting with craft beer as a passion and vocation in huge numbers, and I’m so proud to be part of that.

There is nothing like sharing beer you envisioned with someone, and finding it brings them joy. I have found my life’s work, and it’s a kick in the pants.

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Spencer Agins

Regional Sales Manager
(916) 710-0196

I think I was born loving beer, but when I grew up and truly discovered craft beer as an art form my enthusiasm took hold. I’ve sold everything from cars to advertising but it wasn’t until I started working at Crooked Lane that my selling talent and my love for craft beer meshed. Qualified? I think my passion speaks for itself.

I love working with Crooked Lane because it’s one big happy family that makes excellent beer and I love interacting with our customers.

Brian Childers

Taproom Manager
(530) 401-6139