Crooked Lane Brewing Company

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536 Grass Valley Hwy.
Auburn, CA 95603
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Hammock Time; Blond Ale (5.1% ABV)
Just in time for summer…it’s Hammock Time! Our new Blonde recalls flavors of fresh apricots, honey, and a hint of sweetness in a refreshing light ale. Perfect for those days you are looking to kick back and put on those flip flops.
5 Gal – $80 15 Gal – $170

Kino Hefeweizen (5% ABV)
Celebrate the onset of spring with this traditional German-style hefeweizen.  This unfiltered brew made from German 2-row barley and wheat malt is well balanced with notes of banana and clove.  Deliciously refreshing!
5 Gal – $75 15 Gal – $160

No Hands; IPA (6.7% ABV; 75 IBU)
With Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial throwing down citrus, floral and dank complex hop flavors and aromas, No Hands IPA rocks the west coast IPA style at a crushable 6.7% ABV.
5 Gal – $80 15 Gal – $170

SR16; Double IPA (8.5% ABV; 65 IBU)
Our customer favorite is a Double IPA to remember. Juicy and unfiltered, this is a hop-forward brew that shocks your taste buds with citrus, with a dry malt background and a crisp finish.
5 Gal – $85 15 Gal – $185

Hop Rhapsody;  NE-Style Hazy Triple IPA (10% ABV; 50 IBU)
Hop Rhapsody hits all the points of a great NE-style IPA at a bombin’ 10% ABV. The tropical hop aroma is off the charts with just enough bitterness to balance. This triple will delight fans of the NEIPA style with its juicy flavor and smooth drinkability.
5 Gal – $100 15 Gal – $225

Thirsty Pretzels; Munich Dunkel Lager (5% ABV)
With hints of roast, chocolate, and toffee, and a smooth, slightly sweet finish, this beer will delight many fans of Porter or Brown ales as well as devotees of dark German lagers.
5 Gal – $80 15 Gal – $170

Poor Me Porter; Robust Porter (ABV 6.4%)
This American-style porter is bigger and bolder than most. Chocolate and caramel notes come through the roasted malt character.  And with a kick of Simcoe hops, this beer takes everything good about traditional porters and adds a crooked twist to make it even better.
5 Gal – $75 15 Gal – $155


No Hands; IPA (6.7% ABV; 75 IBU)
Case of 24 (16 oz; 4-pack cans) – $72
1-2 Punch; NE-Style Hazy IPA (6.5% ABV; 45 IBU)
Case of 24 (16 oz; 4-pack cans) – $72
Swamp Angel IPA (7% ABV; 70 IBU)
Case of 24 (16 oz; 4-pack cans) – $72
Hop Rhapsody;  NE-Style Hazy Triple IPA (9.5% ABV; 50 IBU)
Case of 24 (16 oz; 4-pack cans) – $84
The Divine Sphere; Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout (9.5% ABV)
A barrel-aged blend of Russian Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon and Whiskey barrels for six months, Divine Sphere is rich and complex with dark chocolate, cherry, toffee and caramel notes overlaid with delicious bourbon and oak character.
Case of 12 (500mL bottles) – $132