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Auburn, CA 95603
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Hammock Time; Blond Ale (5.1% ABV)
Just in time for summer…it’s Hammock Time! Our new Blonde recalls flavors of fresh apricots, honey, and a hint of sweetness in a refreshing light ale. Perfect for those days you are looking to kick back and put on those flip flops.

5 Gal – $80 15 Gal – $170

Veedels Bräu; Kölsch (5.3% ABV)
This brew is especially refreshing with a crisp malt character, pear and apricot notes, and a clean finish. It’s the beer inspiring biergartens in Cologne and the one just outside our taproom.

5 Gal – $75 15 Gal – $155

Blackberry Honey Wheat (5.1% ABV)
A very unique blend of naturally pure blackberry puree with our American Honey Wheat.  Not truly a fruit beer, but a perfectly balanced fruit-infused honey wheat that satisfies both beer and wine enthusiasts.  

5 Gal – $85 15 Gal – $180

Mandarin Pale Ale (6.1% ABV)
Featuring local fresh-squeezed mandarin juice from Colwell Thundering Herd Mandarin Ranch, the Mandarin Pale Ale is a crisp, satisfying beer with a delightful citrus aroma and dry finish. Mandarin season comes once each year; with this beer you can celebrate year-round.

5 Gal – $80 15 Gal – $165

1-2 Punch; NE-Style Hazy IPA (6.5% ABV; 45 IBU)
This New England-inspired IPA celebrates what we both love about hazy IPAs, with unbelievably juicy flavors, off the charts hop flavor and aroma, with a twist.  We infused peach and mango to send this beer into tropical overdrive.

5 Gal – $90 15 Gal – $195

Swamp Angel IPA (7% ABV; 70 IBU)
IPA evolution has become a revolution, Swamp Angel takes what you love about the West Coast and New England-inspired IPA’s and creates a third.  She is juicy, but also dand; she rocks citrus flavors but delivers a hop punch. Taste buds take flight!

5 Gal – $80 15 Gal – $170

SR16; Double IPA (8.5% ABV; 65 IBU)
Our customer favorite is a Double IPA to remember. Juicy and unfiltered, this is a hop-forward brew that shocks your taste buds with citrus, with a dry malt background and a crisp finish.

5 Gal – $85 15 Gal – $185

Carmen Mandarina; Milkshake IPA (8% ABV)
When sweet, tangy mandarin combines with creamy malt, milk sugar, and vanilla, the results are surprising and delightful, even flamboyant… Carmen Mandarina will get your taste buds to the dance floor!

5 Gal – $90 15 Gal – $195

Oktoberfest; Vienna Lager (5.2% ABV)
Rich with German malts, our Vienna Lager represents the style faithfully with toasted malt flavors and aromas, brilliant amber color, and a crisp dry finish.

5 Gal – $80 15 Gal – $170

Poor Me Porter; Robust Porter (ABV 6.4%)
This American-style porter is bigger and bolder than most. Chocolate and caramel notes come through the roasted malt character.  And with a kick of Simcoe hops, this beer takes everything good about traditional porters and adds a crooked twist to make it even better. 

5 Gal – $75 15 Gal – $155


Swamp Angel IPA (7% ABV; 70 IBU)
Case of 24 (16 oz; 4-pack cans) – $72

Carmen Mandarina; Milkshake IPA (8% ABV) *Limited Supply
Case of 24 (16 oz; 4-pack cans) – $74

SR16; Double IPA (8.5% ABV; 65 IBU)
Case of 24 (16 oz; 4-pack cans) – $74

Octoberfest; Vienna Lager (5.2% ABV)
Case of 24 (16 oz; 4-pack cans) – $68