Crooked Lane Brewing Company

About Us



Ours is a philosophy of community; of sharing and supporting one another; of families and neighbors joining together. Because we’re stronger, more inspired, and just plain happier when we’re together.  Before building the business, our community consisted of neighborhood friends.  From this core principle, our brewery community spans out, starting with our caring, connected, and jocular staff.  We’re proud to maintain the lowest staff turnover in the region.  Our happy staff, in turn, gathers patrons of every ilk into the Crooked Lane fold, taking the time and effort to grow our community one by one.   Come visit; you’ll find we’re saving a stool just for you.

Creating fresh juice for our Mandarin Pale Ale

The Original Collaboration

Today, a Crooked Lane collaboration means something altogether different than did before we opened the brewery, but a look-back shows working together is a principle we’ve long lived by.  Our neighborhood farming efforts illustrated this Crooked Lane ethos in practice.  Before the brewery overtook our lives, each household laid claim to a crop at winter’s onset, and by summer we shared our harvests. Spent grains from the brewing process (then a Psuty garage operation) fed the community’s egg-producing chickens, and the Psuty-Schilling meat poultry. This approach to farming increased our production, allowing us to specialize while vastly diversifying our fresh produce. More importantly, it brought us together, culminating in backyard tasting gatherings where we enjoyed the harvest while exploring brews, new and old.

Though gardens gave way to brewhouse and taproom, to this day, spent grain remains a mainstay for Charlie the Miniature Donkey and her personal herd of Nigerian Dwarf  Goats.   Neighborhood draws, one and all, these folks technically live in the Schilling yard, but they bray,  baaaa and run to welcome neighborhood patrons who regularly drop by with random produce, or just handfuls of surrounding weeds.  As even our livestock will atest, the essence of Crooked Lane is being there for each other, and making things happen. We gather to share laughs and life, to observe the world, and, yes, sometimes to escape it, but, always, to do so in companionship.

Applying that philosophy, we opened our tavern and invited you into our community, and my, oh my, how you’ve grown it!  Looking out at it’s sprawling evolution, we marvel at how many unrelated yet intertwined communities now overlap with our original one.  On a daily basis we host all kinds of groups, be they software sales teams strategizing business plans, founders of the upcoming Auburn Co-Op, local high school reunion revelers, or Sunday cyclists topping off  long rides with a pint or a few.  Groups of every kind meet at Crooked Lane Brewing Co.  Amazed and honored, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Crooked Lane Brewing Co. believes in “local,” and we execute this principle in a number of ways. Wherever possible, we buy from within our community. Our Mandarin Pale Ale fruit comes from Colwell Thundering Herd Ranch in Penryn and we procure our honey for our Honey Wheat Beer from Miller Honey Farms in Newcastle. Once they’re available, we’ll prioritize locally grown hops. In fact, we’re in conversation with area farmers planning to grow hops in the region. By supporting nearby businesses, we’re also able to produce beers that represent our region all the more.

Crooked Lane so values the “local” principle that you’ll find it comes up in every conversation we have.

Owners Paul & Marnina, Teresa & Adrian, and Kirt & Patty