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Year: 2019

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Crooked Lane Brewing has announced two new club memberships for beer enthusiasts. Our customers asked for it, and we delivered. Whether you seek exclusivity or value, we created two new clubs to fulfill your beer-craving needs – year around!

Growler Club

We’ve been wanting to launch this for a couple years but wanted to make sure we had exactly what our loyal customers wanted: great beer, at a great value, and lots of it. And, as a bonus, an awesome custom 64oz growler to celebrate your membership!
$299 for 2020.
Learn more here.




Barrel-Aged Beer Club

If you’re a lover of spirit barrel-aged stouts and strong ales… and mixed-fermentation and sour barrel-aged beers, then you’re going to love The Cellar! As a member, not only do you get a great value on the barrel-aged beers you love, you’ll get it before everyone else and have it introduced to you at a party from the professionals who brewed it!
$180 for 2020.
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Long Beach, Calif. – September 13, 2019 – Crooked Lane Brewing Company was awarded California Brewery of the Year after taking 4 Gold, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals in the inaugural California Craft Brewers Cup (CCBC). The competition, a partnership with the Brewers Guilds of California and the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) recognizes the best craft beers in the state of California. The competition had a total of 1,266 entries from 194 independent craft breweries.

Crooked Lane Brewing Company was recognized in the following categories:

German/Vienna-Style Marzen | Oktoberfest | Gold Medal
Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout | Dark Bent | Gold Metal
Berliner-Style Weisse | Street Weisse | Gold Metal
German-Style Doppelbock or Eisbock | Oreamnos | Gold Medal
European-Style Dark Beer | Thirsty Pretzels | Silver Medal
British Strong Ales (Old Ale) | Gnarly Goat | Bronze Metal
American Amber & Brown Ales | Hard Headed Red | Bronze Metal

“The California Craft Brewers Cup was created to showcase California craft brewers’ immense talent and innovation,” said California Craft Brewers Cup Competition Director, Mike Moore. “The awarded beers are truly of the highest caliber and showcase the talent and dedication of the breweries that made them.”

“The heart and soul you put into running a brewery starts to pay off when people appreciate your beer,” said Crooked Lane Brewing Brewmaster, Teresa Psuty. “Medaling twice at GABF meant so much to us; but THIS, winning seven medals for beers we put so much into, then achieving the honor of Brewery of the Year in California… I simply have to hold onto something heavy to keep from floating away!”

For a full list of winners and additional competition information, visit

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Announcing Distribution Partnership with Walmart


Crooked Lane Brewing Company Announces Distribution Partnership with Walmart

Deal could mean $80M to 2019 revenue for the young brewery.

AUBURN, CA– Crooked Lane Brewing Co., an award-winning craft brewery, announced today that Walmart has signed on as a distribution partner, effectively bringing the brewery’s bacon-infused beer to shoppers throughout the US and 17 countries by 2021. The move immediately adds one of the most popular names in American consumerism to Crooked Lane’s growing client list.

Headquartered in Auburn, CA., Crooked Lane Brewing Co. is a growing Northern CA brewery that opened its doors in August of 2016. Through the partnership, Walmart will receive 4,200 barrels of Crooked Lane’s newly released Bacon Gose With Everything a bacon-infused Gose, every 6 months.

The brewery took a huge chance on a recipe pairing the flavor and popularity of bacon, with the Hipster favorite Gose beer style. Gose is known for its dominant flavors that include a lemon sourness, an herbal characteristic, and a strong saltiness (the result of either local water sources or added salt.) Brewmaster, Teresa Psuty, took a modest stance to the news that this new beer could become a middle America darling. “I’ve brewed a lot of great beers that have performed well in commercial craft beer competitions. I’m proud of that. But this beer is not one of them. I have no idea why they (Walmart) decided this was the beer that will become their flagship adult beverage. It literally makes me sick. I won’t drink it.”

“Crooked Lane’s Brewmaster is entitled to her opinion” said Jerry Costanza, Sr. Director of Retail Business Development for Walmart. “We think this beer will become a top-seller for our stores throughout the Midwest. The fact is, we own the rights to this recipe now; therefore we get to decide when and how much is made.”

In just 6 weeks time, county fair season will begin in many Southern states. Walmart feels poised to take advantage of that by releasing the bacon-infused beer for as little as $2(US) per can in that region next month.

“As company President and Head of Sales and Distribution, I like this deal.” said Kirt Braun, Co-founder of Crooked Lane Brewing Co. “But seriously, I have to agree with Teresa. I mean, don’t get me wrong. You can pretty much wrap bacon around anything and I’ll eat it. But this beer would send my cholesterol numbers through the roof. My hope is that the California Walmart stores won’t carry it.”

Adrian Psuty, Co-founder and Head of Brewing Operations, faces a difficult task. “People don’t realize what’s involved in removing bacon grease from the transfer equipment. The team has been sanitizing everything with hot caustic for days, but the brewhouse still smells like a breakfast deli.”

Walmart and Crooked Lane released the first of ten commercials promoting the new beer. You can check out a sneak preview here:

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